4 Main Advantages of Custom-Built E-commerce Websites over Template E-commerce Websites

Template to Industry Type

When thinking of setting up an e-commerce website, you’ll have to decide whether you want a template or a custom-built option. A template e-commerce store is a good choice if you intend to start a simple online store. A custom-built e-commerce store, on the other hand, is a good idea if you want to build a strong brand from the start. A custom-built e-commerce website is designed to fit you. In other words, it’s adapted to those who have an established brand already. Let’s look at other advantages of custom-built e-commerce websites:

You’re not limited to a number of graphic designs and functionalities to implement in custom-built e-commerce websites

A custom-built e-commerce website comes with a whole lot of features and graphics. While templates for sites or e-commerce stores come with a certain degree of customization (particularly the premium ones), they tend to come with limitations regarding design and website navigation. With custom-built websites or e-commerce websites, there is no such limitation. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Custom-built e-commerce websites are responsive

Responsive design means customers will be able to view your e-commerce store using any device, especially mobile without having to resize the screen manually. With the proliferation of Smartphones, tablets, and iPads, more than 50% of people search products and services online using mobile devices. All custom-built e-commerce websites come with a responsive design, but not all templates have a responsive design.

Custom-built e-commerce websites offer the best SEO

Custom design websites are designed from scratch by professional designers who know the value of SEO to any site. So they will ensure they build out an e-commerce store that is optimized for SEO to help it rank high in search engines. SEO is vital because your e-commerce store needs to be visible to make sales.

Custom-built e-commerce websites offer a whole lot of flexibility and scalability

As your online business grows, you’ll need to makes changes regarding design and functionality to correspond with the growth. If the site you’re operating is an e-commerce template website, you’ll have to start from scratch if you need to make the store robust. A custom-built e-commerce store is highly flexible, which means it can grow with you. In other words, it’s a lot easier to add new features to a custom-built e-commerce store.

When starting out as an e-commerce merchant, especially if you have a thin budget, an e-commerce website template is the best choice. But if you’re an established brand and looking to build an online extension of it, a custom website would do.